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Celebrating Father’s Day

Tessa Jurewicz

Celebrations & Traditions

Father’s Day is a chance for families to let the amazing men in our lives know how very loved and appreciated they are. For every kind of dad, there’s a perfect Father’s Day activity to enjoy and remember forever. Take the time to create a special day to celebrate the dads in your life.

Clear the Schedule

This Father’s Day, be intentional as you plan your time together. Choose a day–it doesn’t have to be on Father’s Day–and clear your family’s schedule. Make sure that everyone in your family can be together to make this day special.

What Does Dad Love?

Now that you have a day cleared on your calendar, it’s time to decide how to enjoy it. Ask for input from your family as you think about what Dad loves. Obviously he loves his family, but what else makes his eyes light up? Now think of how your family could spend the day enjoying what he enjoys. Here are a few ideas:

He loves:

You could spend the day:




●  Attending a Baseball Game
●  Golfing
●  Bowling




●  Hiking
●  Fishing
●  Visiting a Local State Park


●  Visiting a Museum
●  Visiting an Art Installation
●  Watching a War Reenactment


●  At the Beach
●  At a Waterpark
●  At a Local Pool


●  Visiting Your Local Movie Theatre
● Enjoying a Movie Marathon at Home


●  At a Car Show
●  At the Racetracks


●  At a Cooking Class
●  Touring His Favorite Restaurants

Wine, Beer, and/or Spirits

●  Visiting a Vineyard
●  At Local Breweries
●  Touring a Distillery


●  At an Amusement Park
●  Playing at a Local Arcade
●  Playing in a Family Video Game Tournament

Capture the Memories

Once you have cleared your calendar and chosen an activity to enjoy with Dad, don’t forget to take pictures! Snapping photos throughout the day–both posed and spontaneous–will help the memories that you make live beyond the day. Creating a scrapbook, whether it’s digital or physical, can be a lasting tribute to a beautiful day and an amazing dad.

Showing Dad just how much you care about him is what Father’s Day is all about. The best gifts are the ones that leave him smiling long after the third Sunday in June. Show your dad that you love him by spending real, quality time doing what he loves. The memories will last a lifetime.

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Tessa Jurewicz

Tessa Jurewicz is an accomplished writer who is passionate about helping parents find joy in raising a family. She has honed her passion while teaching elementary-aged children for fifteen years and earning a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. She practices discovering joy daily in raising three young children of her own.