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Who We Are


At Advantage4Parents, we believe in inspiring parents through educational content in order to help them raise more successful children, foster healthier families, and create a better world for future generations. We provide parents of school-age children from pre-k through high school, resources, educational materials, and inspiration to become better parents and help their kids reach their maximum potential.

Our team of industry-leading professional educators, teachers, and childhood behavior experts craft top-quality content designed specifically to help parents better themselves and their children through proven methods and educational materials. We understand that life-long education is critical for both parents and children alike and that the curiosity to never stop learning is the only way we can truly reach our full potential.  

As our world continues to grow and change in unimaginable ways, we work to make sure parents from all walks of life understand how the world around us is impacting their child’s development, learning, and growth as an individual. We truly believe that knowledge is power, and our purpose in everything we do is to spread that knowledge to as many parents as possible so we can all make the world a better place! 

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Our Team of Professionals

Tessa Jurewicz

Ella Herlihy

Dan Moore

Jill Castle

Katie Malinski

Bonnie Harris

Patricia Nan Anderson

Our Growing Family

Advantage4Parents is a proud member of the Southwestern Family of Companies, one of the largest and oldest privately held companies in the country. We are part of an ever-growing company that spans continents and industries, but at our core we remain true to our mission of of building people and positively impacting communities worldwide through our business. 

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