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30 Ways to Have Fun on a Budget

Kate Raidt

Family Activities & Crafts

You don’t have to spend $3000 on a trip to Disneyland to have meaningful, family fun. Here are 30 ways your family can have quality fun, every day, without busting the budget:

  1. Feed the ducks
  2. Build a sand castle
  3. Go bicycle riding
  4. Play a card game
  5. Solve a puzzle
  6. Go on a picnic
  7. Cook dinner together
  8. Serve at your local soup kitchen together
  9. Kick a ball at the local park
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Build a model car
  12. Put on a theater performance in your living room
  13. Sing karaoke
  14. Go on a family walk
  15. Have a lemonade stand
  16. Play a board game
  17. Play musical instruments
  18. Play “Hide and Seek”
  19. Go listen to live music
  20. Tell jokes. Laugh. Then laugh some more. 
  21. Turn your dining room table into a ping pong table
  22. Make a piece of art for a special occasion
  23. Adopt a child for the holidays
  24. Create your own version of “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars”
  25. Start a garden of vegetables or flowers
  26. Paint a room or piece of furniture together
  27. Go to a local museum
  28. Pick up a new sport: tennis, badminton, ping pong, pool, bowling…to name a few.
  29. Take photos of each other and make a photo book
  30. Laugh. And laugh some more.


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Kate Raidt

Kate Raidt is the mother of two children and an alumna of the Southwestern Company's summer work program.