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Fish are amazing pets! By sheer volume, they are the number one pet in North America. If you are considering adding this pet to your family, here is some information that you may want to consider.

What Type of Fish?

Whether it’s a goldfish in a bowl or a stunning coral beauty angelfish in a saltwater mini reef, your options in fish ownership are tremendous. If you are looking for a low maintenance and less expensive option, freshwater and pond fish are great options. If you are interested in a large variety of brightly colored fish, you may be interested in a saltwater aquarium. If you want to expand and vary your aquarium, you can create a mini reef, complete with corals and invertebrates. Check with your local pet supply or aquarium shop to find out about the options and requirements for these different types of pets.

Pros of Fish Ownership


Cons of Fish Ownership

If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, fish might be a great place to start. The relative ease of owning and caring for fish make them a popular family pet.