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Looking for ways to celebrate the matriarchs in your family? Often moms are the glue that holds a family together. Mother’s Day offers a whole day for you to show her how much you care. A little effort goes a long way in making this a meaningful day. Here are some ways that you can make the day as special as the moms in your life.

Go Beyond Signing Your Name

Motherhood can be a thankless job. Don’t just sign your name to a Mother’s Day card, take the time to tell her just how much you appreciate all that she does. Be specific. Does this mom coordinate schedules and act as a taxi for her children’s extra-curricular activities? Does this mom cook delicious dinners for her family? Is this mom balancing motherhood and career? Has this mom had additional challenges this year? Recognize the big and the small things. Feeling acknowledged by another adult can help a mom to see just how special she is. Kids shouldn’t be left out of the fun either! Encourage school-aged children to write their own cards. Help them to pinpoint what they appreciate about their mother. For younger children, a drawing can be the perfect way to help them to express their love.

Look Back

Making a display of pictures is a beautiful way to pay tribute to any mom. Whether you are celebrating a first Mother’s Day or a fiftieth, pictures of a mother with her children are sure to add joy to the day. Creating a collage of pictures that could remain on display, possibly in an office or near a favorite spot in the home, make this a lasting treasure. Using an online resource to convert photos into a customized photo book is another means of honoring Mom. Physical collages aren’t the only option. Digital videos and slideshows can be created with the touch of a few buttons and easily shared with friends and family.

Love Is Handmade

Mothers everywhere treasure handmade gifts from their children. Helping children to make something for their mom can be a beautiful act of love for their mother, as well as a wonderful bonding time between the child and the adult who helps them create a gift. Hand and footprint crafts are perfect for infants and toddlers. For preschool and early elementary students, start with a plan—such as drawing a portrait of Mom or making a paper flower bouquet. But encourage their input on the execution—such as the materials that you use. For older children, ask them what they think their mom might appreciate—such as beautifully scented DIY bath bombs or a handmade beaded bracelet—and help them to select the best option.  

Whether you are a spouse, co-parent, grandparent, or simply someone who loves a mom, take the time to recognize an amazing mom that you know this Mother’s Day.