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Treat Someone Else this Halloween: Ways to Give Back

Inspire Kindness Team

Inspiration for Parents

Halloween is a holiday that’s fun for the whole family. Whether you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating or dressing up and enjoying the night yourself, Halloween is always a night full of good memories. This year, we encourage you to be kind and think of ways you can give back this Halloween.

Here are 6 ways you can make Halloween special for someone else in your community:

1.  Donate your old costumes:

Many of us have costumes from past years just lying around in storage. If you donate them, you’ll be giving someone else a chance to wear them and have a fantastic night. Check out this example of a church near Nashville, TN.

2.  Go reverse trick-or-treating:

Instead of knocking on doors and asking for candy, surprise your neighbors by giving THEM candy or a small treat. If you don’t know them, introduce yourself and thank them for being an amazing member of your community.

3.  Volunteer at a Halloween Trail or Pumpkin Patch:

Whether it’s a kid-friendly Halloween trail or a local pumpkin patch, these events often need as much help as they can get each year! Help fill up cups of apple cider or sign up to do face painting for kids. Even doing something little makes a big difference!

4.  Got too much candy? Donate it!

If you have leftover candy after Halloween, there are so many places you can donate it. Charities like Ronald McDonald House or Operation Gratitude will use this candy to give to families and those in the military. It’ll be such a special treat for them.

5. Participate in a local charity event:

Some charities offer walks and 5k races around Halloween to support a nonprofit. Get dressed up and help raise money and awareness for a cause that matters to you!

6. Pass out candy in your neighborhood:

This is one of the easiest (and obvious) things you can do, but do it with a smile! Turn your porch lights on, sit back, relax, and let the kids come to you. Seeing their excitement and their cute costumes when you answer the door and hand them candy is all the reward you’ll need! If you happen to get a kid that you think is a little too old, go ahead and give them the candy and remember when you were a pre-teen.

If you do your best to give back on Halloween, you’ll be helping make someone else’s night extra special. Even something as simple as passing out candy will help give kids in your community memories for a lifetime. We’re sure you have so many memories of your own Halloween traditions growing up. It’s always important to be kind to others and to pay it forward whenever you can. Now enjoy a fun-filled evening of treating someone else this Halloween!

And, Happy Halloween from Inspire Kindness!

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