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What If Both Husband and Wife Are Free Spirits With Money?

Dave Ramsey

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Q: What’s your advice to a couple when they’re both free spirits with money?

Dave: Being a free spirit just means you don’t major in details. You’re not the number cruncher, and you don’t wear a pocket protector. But being a free spirit doesn’t mean you can’t be a grown up. Maturity isn’t what I’m talking about here, and neither is initiative. I’m just talking about your personality style, and how you address life in general.

In my house, I’m the nerd and my wife is the free spirit. I’m a naturally detail-oriented person who likes a solid, well-reasoned plan. My wife enjoys a plan, and she doesn’t mind sticking to one, but that’s not her default button. It doesn’t mean you’re not a grown up just because your default button doesn’t go straight to spreadsheets. And just because you’re like that doesn’t mean you can’t lay out a game plan and say, “Hey, we make too much money to waste it all. We have too much coming in every month to be deep in debt and broke!”

Being a free spirit just means you have to concentrate a little harder on the details, because those kinds of things just aren’t your nature. I mean, you have to pay attention to enough of the basic details if you want to win with money, but that’s true with almost any endeavor.

Want to know something else I’ve noticed about free spirits? In most cases, they’re extremely generous people. When they care about something or someone, they really care. And the fact that you’re thinking about these things leads me to believe you’re going to be all right. Just be intentional. Do it with a goal and a plan in mind, and do it on purpose!


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