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Kids Are Expensive! How to Save Money When Having Kids

Rachel Cruze

Money Management for Parents

Q: Kids are expensive! How do you suggest we save on all the stuff we’ll need to have kids?

Rachel: Great question!
Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • –  Ask friends and family who aren’t having more kids if they have hand-me- down clothes they would be interested in giving away.
  • –  Visit consignment shops. You can find some really great stuff at consignment shops without spending too much money.
  • –  When it comes to babysitting, think about doing a “babysitting trade” with some friends. You babysit your friends’ kids one night so they can go out, and in exchange they watch your kids on another night.
  • –  Eat at home. Forget about restaurants for a little while, especially if you have little kids. Also consider making your own baby food to save a little extra.
  • –  If you do venture out to restaurants, look for places where kids eat free!
  • –  Think about buying generic brands—at least for items where there isn’t ahuge difference in quality.

    Get creative! Once you started finding ways to save, you’ll gain momentum and think of new ways to save even more!

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Rachel Cruze

Growing up as Dave Ramsey's kid, Rachel Cruze learned the basic principles of money at an early age. She travels across the country teaching those same principles, in a personal and passionate message of money and hope, to teens and young adults. To find out more about Rachel, visit or follow her on Twitter at @RachelCruze.