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How to Say “Be Kind” in Multiple Languages

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Kindness is Universal

      In the spirit of uniting humanity over kindness, here are ways to say “be kind” in                          several languages.

They say kindness is a universal language. No matter where you are in the world, an act of compassion can be recognized by all, regardless of language or cultural barriers. 

From teaching kindness to young children to growing to be a better person as an adult, it’s important to embrace this concept and remember the global significance of simply being kind.

In the spirit of uniting humanity over kindness, here are some ways to say “be kind” in multiple languages:

English: be kind


German: sei freundlich


French: etre gentil


Mongolian: эелдэг бай


Indonesian: berbaik


Spanish: se amable


Russian: будь добрым


Irish: Bí cineálta


Arabic: كن طيبا


Portuguese: seja gentil


Chinese: 善待


Hungarian: legyen kedves


Korean: 친절하게 대해


Japanese: 親切にする


Italian: Sii gentile


Greek: να είσαι ευγενικός


Norwegian: vær snill


Ukranian: бути добрим


Czech: být milý


Croatian: budite ljubazni




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