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How Do I Motivate My Video Game Addict to Work?

Rachel Cruze

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Q: My son wants to play video games all day, so how do I motivate him to work?


Rachel: I’ll start by saying you have a normal son. Some children are wired to work and make money, and some kids just don’t care about that.

As a parent, it’s key to make the work/money connection with your kids. Teach your son or daughter that money comes from work, not from mom and dad’s back pocket. So if there’s something he wants in life, like a new video game, “bribe” him a little bit. Tell him, “If you want this new game, then you’re going to have to pay for it!” That will hopefully make him get up and start doing some chores around the house.

Another way is to just simply force him to do chores. You’re the parent here! And you’re doing him a disservice when you let him sit around all day and not have the dignity to complete a task. There’s nothing wrong with video games, but they shouldn’t take over your son’s life to the point that he doesn’t have a work ethic. That’s where we have a problem.

So motivate him by making him pay for a game in the future. And if he still doesn’t want to work, then you might just have to play the parent card and take away the video games until he changes his attitude about working.

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Rachel Cruze

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