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Celebrating Summer Birthdays

Tessa Jurewicz

Celebrations & Traditions

As a mom of two children who were born in the summer, I am all too familiar with the unique challenges that summer birthday celebrations hold. I remember being very pregnant with my second son and lamenting his due date, worried that he would always feel left out, having a birthday close to a holiday and never being able to celebrate with his school classmates. Thankfully, my husband reminded me that there were plenty of amazing aspects to having a summer birthday. After planning many summer birthday celebrations, I have learned how to navigate the challenges–and take advantage of the opportunities–that summer birthdays can hold. Here are some tried-and-true ways for making your child’s summer birthday fun and memorable.

Celebrating at School

As an elementary teacher, I love watching my students deliver treats and wear their birthday crowns with pride. Celebrating a birthday at school seems to be a rite of passage in our culture. One disappointing aspect of having a summer birthday is that children often aren’t at school on their birthday. I offer parents three options for celebrating their child’s summer birthday in my classroom: To celebrate at the beginning of school, to celebrate a half-birthday, or to celebrate at the end of the school year. Keep in mind your child’s actual birthdate. A June birthday is easily celebrated at the end of the school year, whereas the half-birthday for a July 1st birthday will likely fall during most schools’ holiday breaks (January 1st). The date that you choose isn’t nearly as important as allowing your child a chance to be celebrated by his classmates.

Setting the Date

When my oldest child was in preschool, he received a birthday invitation three months in advance of a friend’s party. At the time, to be honest, I wondered if that parent may have lost her mind. But now, I realize that her plan was quite brilliant. It can be very tricky to plan a birthday party for a child when school is not in session (how do you pass out invitations?) and when so many families are on vacation. But by sending invitations early, families will have your child’s party blocked out in their calendar, and you are sure to have better attendance. Don’t forget to choose your date wisely (Is the 4th of July weekend really a great idea?), and be sure to keep your own family’s summer schedule in mind.

Choosing a Location

One of the best things about celebrating a summer birthday is the advantage of planning warm-weather activities. Summers are the best time to host parties at an outdoor venue, such as a pool, a local park, or even your own backyard. I have hosted several fun, inexpensive birthday parties right in my backyard. These birthday parties are relaxed, low-key, and allow kids to have fun playing games they enjoy, or even hold a water balloon battle. Just don’t forget to have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather.

While summer birthdays can hold unique challenges, they also hold amazing opportunities. No matter when your child’s birthday is, make a plan in advance to ensure an experience that includes all the joys that accompany childhood birthday celebrations. It doesn’t matter when your little one was born, it matters that they are growing into wonderful little people. Birthdays allow us to reflect on all that our children have accomplished in the last year. They also provide a beautiful opportunity to show our children that we care.

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Tessa Jurewicz

Tessa Jurewicz is an accomplished writer who is passionate about helping parents find joy in raising a family. She has honed her passion while teaching elementary-aged children for fifteen years and earning a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. She practices discovering joy daily in raising three young children of her own.